Odemar Metaal

Odemar Metaal is established in Denekamp, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1958 and in the course of the years has specialised in CNC machining of metal and synthetic products for the manufacturing sector. We may also help you out with regard to robot welding, stamping, machine building, assembly and manufacturing stamping tools.
We are a modern engineering works with state of the art machinery to produce and test your products. We master many disciplines, which enables us to offer you an overall solution for your supply demands.

Odemar Metaal is a many-sided, innovative and open organisation characterised by short communication lines and a flat organisational structure.
We produce in behalf of the following branches and industries:
Construction, food, leisure, automotive, agriculture and machines. 

Our aim is producing high-grade products with a good quality/price rate.

Reliability and quality are of paramount importance to us