Odemar Projects 

TogetherOdemar Projects is the name of a dynamic engineering department inside the Odemar Company. We are specialised in designing and improving machines, as well as in finding innovative solutions for optimising or extending (internal) logistic processes. In consultation with the customer we find the best solutions – economically and technically.

Beside our range of standard products, we also develop special machines, devices and complete packing lines. We are able to procure a large part of the realisation of your project, from engineering to assembly and from testing to commissioning your new plant or machine.

Inventor 2012

For Digital Prototyping we offer you the competitive advantage of using Autodesk Inventor. This software lies at the base of the Autodesk Digital Prototyping solution. The Inventor Model is a precise 3D digital prototype that allows us to assess shape, fit and functioning of a design in the course of its development. This minimises the need to test the design using physical prototypes. The Inventor software enables us to digitally design, visualise and simulate your products.
This method prevents errors and enhances quick delivery of innovative product designs and consequently greater efficiency in communicating with our client.